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Moody Home Life Session || Spring Hill Photographer

Malerie is the genius behind my hair style lately, and her little kiddo Elliot is only a few weeks older then Everly, so when we get together at her house it’s a lot of fun! I got to meet her husband on Saturday and all of us really clicked (pun intended!). We were laughing and goofing off the whole time, and we celebrated the end of our home life session with Chick-Fil-A. Sounds like a perfect day, right? Well it was. Check out the magic we caught! Usually I shoot pretty bright, but their house and style lended itself more to a moody, darker style. I think it is gorgeous, and the tender moments between these three are really something special.

SarahMariePhotography_0586SarahMariePhotography_0587SarahMariePhotography_0588SarahMariePhotography_0589SarahMariePhotography_0585I hope you love your sneak peek Malerie and Derek! I had a lot of fun on Saturday and I’m so glad I met you both.

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Teeny Tiny Harris || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

If a seven-day-year old could talk to me, I imagine it would be something like this: “Hey, thanks for setting up this room with the warm heater and white noise, and since I’m full of milk and have just been changed, I’m going to sleep great! But hey, do you have to keep moving me???” Poor kids. Here they are, all brand new, and this stranger comes in and hassles them as soon as they start sleeping!

Harris was amazing though! We started the session by setting up his lovely room. Can you guess the theme?SarahMariePhotography_0567The theme is nursery rhymes! Isn’t that cute?

Once it was all warm and loud with white noise, he then drifted on and off from wakefullnes in his mommy’s arms while we did a few family portraits.
SarahMariePhotography_0568The doggie got involved too. SarahMariePhotography_0569SarahMariePhotography_0570Mommy mentioned loving his forehead freckle, so when I started in on detail shots, I made sure to get that!SarahMariePhotography_0582Dark backgrounds aren’t only for details. I love a baby in natural light on a dark blanket. It is very womb-like and ethereal. SarahMariePhotography_0571But I love to do these detail shots on a dark background. It just makes them really pop.
SarahMariePhotography_0572The whole family was photogenic, and mommy was obviously completely infatuated. I know the feeling. SarahMariePhotography_0576Daddy was a good sport, which is less common in men. Usually they are more reluctant. This daddy barely needed my help getting into a pose!SarahMariePhotography_0575Harris was named after his grandmother (last name), so we got a picture with her special ring, and then some with other family rings. Such cute baby feet! It was tricky though, he didn’t like me messing with his toes while snoozing. SarahMariePhotography_0577These were some of my favorites. His perfect skin in the sunlight of his room on that blue blanket is just beautiful.SarahMariePhotography_0579SarahMariePhotography_0580So cozy. SarahMariePhotography_0581Near the end I got out my signature creamy shag blanket. I just love the simplicity of cream on cream. Harris was amazing the whole time and didn’t fuss at all (even with me messing with his feet!). I think he is quite the handsome little man!
SarahMariePhotography_0578Thanks for this amazing opportunity Ashley and Tony. I loved meeting your beautiful family:-)I hope you love these sneak peeks!

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Cole’s Newborn Session || Spring Hill Photography

Newborns are just so squishy and warm and basically perfect. Now that I’ve had my own and she is no longer a newborn, I soak up these sessions and it helps me remember how quickly time flies. Cole is only a few days old and has a fantastic older brother (you’ll see him below) that ensures that Cole will be able to sleep through anything. Chase runs around, pokes him and makes a racket as every almost two-year-old should, and Cole sleeps right through it. It made the session very easy because I didn’t bother him a bit with my quiet, gentle placements! He was a complete champ and slept the whole time, and here are the beautiful results!SarahMariePhotography_0555

And of course I had to get some with mommy and brother. Daddy was helping out with the hurricanes so he wasn’t able to be there sadly, but next time we will make up for it. I loooove the love in these!SarahMariePhotography_0556

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Get Ready to Love Lucy || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

Lucy is the cutest name, don’t you think? Well the name matches the child perfectly in this case! Lucy was 10 days old during our photoshoot, and she had perfect skin, slept the entire time without stirring (even while her mama and I chatted it up!) and curled into delicious little poses. I ended up having double the amount of photos that I normally deliver because I just couldn’t narrow them down any more! Check out these cherub lips!SarahMariePhotography_0527SarahMariePhotography_0529SarahMariePhotography_0530These little head bows came from Etsy! Check out the shop! all that cuteness, I saw where Lucy got her photogenic face. Mom and dad were so easy to photograph!SarahMariePhotography_0535SarahMariePhotography_0536SarahMariePhotography_0537SarahMariePhotography_0538Like these? Like me!


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