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My Husband's 90s Themed Office

Did you catch the post where I blogged about the EPIC 90s themed birthday party I threw my husband for his 30th birthday? It was wild, and took like 12 hours just to prepare for on the day, not to mention all the time that went into tracking those items down. Anyway, it was themed that way for a moment. My husband loves the 90s–he loves the music, Nickelodeon, all the pop superstars, the colors and especially the movies and TV shows. All of it, basically. So three years ago when we were trying to come up with a theme for his office, the 90s was a pretty obvious choice. I decorated the rest of the house, and he had exclusive rights on his man cave! Let me just say that he did a terrific job! His office is the room in our house that gets the most awe (especially from guys!) and we always save it till last on our home tours. Now that we are preparing for foster kids, we needed to change some things in our home, and so Jason is downsizing big time to make room for the kid’s room. So because of that, I did an office photo shoot, and Jason is going to finish this post off for me!!

SarahMariePhotography_0146My office’s decorations and various knick-knacks range from (roughly) 1986-2003, with most of the stuff from the actual 90s. Of course, some things that were hugely popular in the 90s actually came out in the 80s and some stuff went into the 2000s. There were some things here and there that were from the 70s and even from the 2010s, but not much. As you can see, most everything is from the 90s.

Some notable items from the room are:

  • The Mortal Kombat II Arcade Machine. I dreamed of having one of these when I was 10 years old and never thought it would actually happen. Then, one day in 2008, I walked across an arcade that wasn’t yet open with a sign that said “We sell arcade machines.” Knowing that MKII usually went for about $2,500, I was almost reluctant to ask. When they came back and said “We’ll take $800 for it.” “SOLD.” And that was that.
  • The Mario Wall. Besides the MKII machine, this definitely gets the best response when showing the room. “That’s what makes the room” is what I’ve heard every time. I got that from
  • Huge Superman: The Movie VHS Tape. This thing is just awesome. It’s so freakin’ old that the box is almost as big as two VHS tapes. I found it in a hobby store for $5.
  • 2 Trapper Keeper from 1989. Really, do I even need to say more?SarahMariePhotography_0143

The entire goal of the room was to make you feel as though you’ve walked through a time warp. Sure, there are some things that are new technology, but nearly all of it is from days of past.

More notable items:

  1. Jenny Lewis “Shrine,” as my wife calls it. Yeah, Jenny Lewis has been a part of my life since I was 10, when I first saw her in the first Disney Channel Original Movie A Friendship in Vienna. I had an enormous crush on her and she was my first celebrity crush. It’s awesome that she’s still thriving in the biz today with her music. She is the former front woman for Rilo Kiley and has since gone solo with 3 amazing albums. The Voyager is her newest and it’s one of my favorite albums of all time, even though it’s only been out for half a year! I saw her live (a dream of mine for years) back in November and it was the greatest show I’ve ever seen. I stood in the front row and she almost gave me a rose. I bought the concert poster you see in the picture above. And, yes, that is The Voyager on vinyl and cassette:)
  2. Unopened/unused Super Mario Bros. 3 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys. I just about “stole” these from a guy on eBay that didn’t know what he had. This set one of the most sought after McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy sets ever. The game was wildly popular and the toys were awesome. It also came with unused, brand new McD’s Happy Meal boxes with Mario art on them. It’s one of my favorite things in the room. It was all $20. What a steal!
  3. Nickelodeon alarm clock and Double Dare lunchbox. I never got to have the alarm clock when I was a kid, because it was “too expensive,” but I’ve got one now that I’m in my thirties and it’s my favorite “time piece.” It still works completely. The lunchbox is one of the more rare things in the room and it’s such a great article of one of the most entertaining game shows ever on television.

SarahMariePhotography_0140While we were deciding on what theme I should choose for my office, we went back and forth on themes. Movies, Apple-like theme, modern, design-oriented (I’m a graphic designer). We couldn’t really settle on anything and all of a sudden, it came to me. 90s. As soon as I said it to Sarah-Marie, she was like “Duh! That’s totally you!”

More notable items:

  1. A Friendship in Vienna and The Wizard VHS tapes. Yes, more Jenny Lewis stuff. Of course, I have to have the movie that I first saw Jenny Lewis in and it took me years to track down a copy. It’s long out-of-print and darn near impossible to find, but I finally found it! The Wizard is a great movie. Well, it’s really a 90-minute Nintendo commercial about 3 kids that go to California to play in a video game competition. This movie first introduced Super Mario Bros. 3 to the masses, the greatest video of all time. Yes. I said that. If you’re an 80s baby/90s kid, this VHS is a must have.

Opryland USA Guide and Opryland USA 1997 Park Map. This is a little more specialized to the Nashville area. Opryland USA was a theme park that was a staple of Nashville. People here are still not over its closing after nearly 20 years. I found the guide on eBay and it was printed in 1989, when Opryland added a large amount of new attractions to the park. The park map is from the last year it was open and I’ve had it since I was 14. I also have the ticket from my last visit, a few pictures, a pennant, a shot glass and some t-shirts. Opryland was the first theme park I ever visited and it still depresses me that they tore it down to build a mall.SarahMariePhotography_0137

The 90s were a very special time. Historians say the 90s was the “last decade of innocence.” They mark the beginning of the Gulf War to be the end of an era where we weren’t always surrounded with world news, especially bad news. When I was a kid, I didn’t have a smart phone constantly telling me how many people were being killed in other countries, how politically divided we were as a nation. All I cared about was candy, video games and Nickelodeon.

More notable items:

  1. Yikes! Pencils. Oh yeah! These were THE COOLEST pencils in the whole world and if you didn’t have them, you were simply a dork. Not only did I find a pack on eBay, but it’s a sealed pack!
  2. Michael Jordan McDonald’s Get Fit Stopwatch. Not only did McDonald’s have an entire Happy Meal Toy line with Michael Jordan, it was also centered around getting and staying fit. Yes, McDonald’s did that. As a kid, we ate McDonald’s and were still fit. Know why? We played freakin’ OUTSIDE! Of course, we didn’t have McD’s all the time, it was a rare occasion, because our parents were a thing I like to call “smart.” Just imagine, if McD’s came out with a Get Fit line today, people would laugh at them, but I think it would be for the wrong reason. McD’s used to know what they were, but people today think McD’s is for something else entirely.


3. The very best thing in the room: SUPER SOAKER 50. Yes, yes, yes! The Super Soaker 50 was hands down my favorite toy from my childhood. Ever.  Hours and hours of shooting refilling with this bad boy that could shoot up to 50 feet! Holy cow! I have so many different distinct memories with my SS50, including having an all out water war where the person who got the most soaked, won! I found one on eBay a few years ago. The cost? Well, let’s just say I paid more than MSRP…SarahMariePhotography_0139SarahMariePhotography_01424. Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. These were THE three systems to have in the 90s. The SNES is my very own from when I was 10 years old and I’m proud to say it still works. In fact, all of my systems still work and very well, I might add. I only occasionally have to blow the cartridges to get some dust out, but the systems still perform as well as they did over 20 years ago. No red circles of death with these bad boys. If you drop them, they’d probably break the floor.SarahMariePhotography_0145I have recently condensed the room quite a bit. It’s still 90s-themed, but it doesn’t have nearly the amount of stuff in it. Now that we are preparing for foster kids, I hope to give them a taste of the magic we had as kids in the 90s by letting them hang out in the room, play some old school video games and listen to cassettes. Yes, the 90s are long gone, but as long as I have my collection, they will be with me wherever we go!

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Two Big Announcements (And How They Relate To One Another)

December is always the craziest month of the year for me. I get tons of last minute requests for photography, there’s 101 Christmas activities to attend, and the last week of the year is pretty much booked for festivities, so you have less time to do more things. I’m not complaining, because I really like my life (!) but I get tired! This December has been even crazier than normal because new things are coming, and here I am to share them with you. Since I don’t want you to just scroll down and find out what they are, I’m going to just plainly announce them, then elaborate, and then let you know how they relate and why I would announce them together. Here goes.

1) I have officially become a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant.

2) Jason and I have taken the plunge to become Foster Parents and start training in January.


I don’t know if I even need to tell you, but we are ECSTATIC! Now for the elaboration.

So. Jamberry Nails. First of all, what is it? They’re non-toxic vinyl nail wraps that you apply with tools you already have at home (and it’s super easy) and they last for up to two weeks without chipping! They come in hundreds of styles, ranging from funky to classic, and I really have a thing for them. This is me wearing them:

2014-12-14 14.37.28

I can’t believe I just posted a photo of my toes…

So anyway, here’s why I’ve joined:

1) I love the nails!
I found out about these nails through my sister and thought the idea was perfect right from the start. It sounded like a business that I would have seen on Shark Tank because it was so ingenious. Nail art that doesn’t chip? As a nanny, I was all “Count me in!”

2) I like compliments.
I used to sell Mary Kay (like more than ten years ago), and I really didn’t like it. It had nothing to do with the product, but I just hated making cold calls and hosting parties that made me feel awkward about trying to get people’s money. With Jamberry, I simply get a compliment wherever I go, and then they sell themselves! Plus, I’ve always loved doing girly hair/makeup/nails stuff, so having my friends try them is really fun for me.

3) I need money.
Jason and I are going to be foster parents soon, so we need a source of income that doesn’t require me to be out of the house a lot. Jamberry is a great way to make some extra cash, and it’s all for a good cause! I get paid to wear pretty nails. That’s a no-brainer.

4) I feel it’s important to like your job.
I’m not going to live a miserable life. I refuse to do work that isn’t fulfilling! You only get one life, so why waste your time doing things you don’t love? I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, but I think you should love your job, and that’s easy with Jamberry. The company is really awesome (I did LOTS of research), all the training is super easy to understand, and I can go at my own pace. That’s perfect for my lifestyle and I’m pretty excited to be doing this now!

Makes sense, right? As it is, I’m hosting my first online party right now, so let me know if you’d like to join it! Here’s my website too so you can see what I’m up to:


So, secondly, foster care. This is by far one of the most exciting things in my life so far. God called me, very clearly, to be a foster parent ten years ago. It’s been a plan ever since, and in fact I talked to Jason about it on our very first date, because I didn’t want to waste time with a guy who wouldn’t be on board with it (even if he crossed off every other thing on my list!). Our plan was to have kids of our own (you can follow that journey here) and once they reached a mature age, begin to foster younger kids. We wanted to gradually get older and older kids as our own grew up, eventually fostering teenagers as well. Well, our plan isn’t exactly going to way we expected, so we’ve adapted. Beginning in January Jason and I are taking the fostering classes, and by March we should have kids in our home! We would like to adopt through the process, so this is a really big step.

I am SO in nesting mode now. I cannot begin to get our home ready for one or two kids, and I have a feeling Pinterest is going to be my very best friend over the next few months. We will need to sell our guest bed, pack up all of our movie decorations that were living in there, and stock it with kids stuff! We’ll need to baby proof the house, make our home more kid friendly, and get a fire extinguisher. That’s just the start! With fostering kids you never know what age or gender you’ll get, so I’ll need something for everyone. It’s daunting, but mostly just extremely exciting. So that’s our news! You’ll definitely be hearing more about this as we go along.

So how do these two relate? You’ve probably already figured it out. Jamberry Nails will be a great way for me to make extra income as we invite these new kids into our home. Fostering will be a major paycut (SO worth it though), so I loved the idea of something I could do from home, and even share with the kids if I get little girls! It’s going to be quite a new year I think, and I am gosh darn bursting with excitement. Can you tell?

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Baby Emma || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

I’m not a prop photographer. If you’d looked over my website or know my work at all, you know that. I think props are rarely done well or having any real meaning and simply detract from the subjects in the photos. Plus, they instantly date your work. Not good. That being said, baby Emma’s mom had the cutest little prop for this session, and I think it added a lot, even though we only used it a few times as accent pieces. You’ll see it below:-)

But first, some baby feet…

SarahMariePhotography_0129Oh my goodness, look at this face! Emma was really tired, but too interested in what was going on to get into a deep sleep, so there was lots of yawning. I caught this one, and the crown as a prop is SO cute! Definitely a winner.SarahMariePhotography_0130Little detail shots of hands and feet are some of my favorites.SarahMariePhotography_0131SarahMariePhotography_0132The sun was going down, so we had some lovely low light streaming through the window. These family pictures are just so precious, and I was very impressed with big brother being so good!SarahMariePhotography_0133SarahMariePhotography_0134       Thank you to Kelly and Bryan for allowing me into your home and letting me capture your sweet babies! I had a really fun time with you all!

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Merry Little Christmas || Home Life Photography

I really shouldn’t have been surprised. This family ALWAYS has the best ideas, their home is picture perfect, and their kids are incredibly photogenic. Last year Brynn’s Christmas session was one of my top two favorite sessions of the year, and this year this one is definitely a contender as well. For our session last Saturday Brad and Taryn decorated their home for Christmas late Friday night and didn’t let the kids out of their rooms until I got there, and then let Brynn loose (Harrison is only a few months so his reactions were a little different 😉 It turned out so cute! I guess I don’t need to tell you. Just look.SarahMariePhotography_0112See? Magical. She discovered the tree and me at the same time, so I’m not sure which one was more surprising.SarahMariePhotography_0113That hat didn’t last long on her head, but OMG so cute!!SarahMariePhotography_0114She wanted to decorate with ornaments first…SarahMariePhotography_0115and then got all wrapped up in the ribbon. It just melts my heart.SarahMariePhotography_0116Christmas villages are one of my favorite Christmas traditions. There is so much to look at!SarahMariePhotography_0117Meet Harrison! Mommy and Daddy were equipped with mistletoe, so we introduced the two at the same time.SarahMariePhotography_0118Remember what I said about photogenic? Good grief he’s cute.SarahMariePhotography_0119This series just cracks me up! I love that Harrison is cracking up while Brynn is crying, but not even two minutes later, kisses and smiles ensued.SarahMariePhotography_0120For a more non-Christmasy feel we moved into another room and just captured the family moments.SarahMariePhotography_0121Cutest outfit ever, right?SarahMariePhotography_0122He was so so cute!!SarahMariePhotography_0123This series was technically while we were finishing up, but Brynn just got happier and happier as we went along, and I couldn’t resist getting her sweet face just casually goofing off with me on the couch.SarahMariePhotography_0124Sweet sweet moments.SarahMariePhotography_0125Now you see why it’s one of my favorites. I LOVE this family! Thank you so much Taryn and Brad!!

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Christmas Decorating Idea || My Crafty Christmas

This will be a crafty Christmas for me. I’ve already decorated my house much more than normal, and several of them are decorations straight out of Pinterest! I’ve made a candle holder made from candy canes, mason jar candle holders, and candy filled candle holders. It’d been fun, and it’s really inexpensive. I’m planning on making most of my Christmas gifts this year too, but that will have to be posted after Christmas so as not to give away the surprises!











Something my mom always did growing up is wrap our pictures on the wall as presents. It’s a super cheap way to transform the whole room, and it looks great! I remember as a kid loving the way our whole home transformed, even though I didn’t like putting in all the work to decorate it. Now that I’m older I appreciate the whole process, and while I’m wrapping my wall canvases, I put on the Christmas music! My season-starting music is Steven Curtis Chapman’s “The Music of Christmas” and I blast it throughout the house!

So what do you think?!


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