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The Flynn's Home Session || Emmie is 7 Months!

OMG. This session is truly worth a silly text-message acronym. OMG, these are so cute! Evan and Emmie are so photogenic, and they’re even more comfortable in their own home, so this session was a snap. We started in Emmie’s bedroom and with only a bow, carpet and bloomers, these simple images show off her personality (which is already so pronounced!). That tongue!SarahMariePhotography_0078I love baby rolls…

Evan is ALL boy. He’s smart, fast, strong, athletic, and super super full of energy, so naturally he loves the outdoors. Again, naturally, we went outside.SarahMariePhotography_0082His megawatt smile gets me every time!

These four pictures are my favorite series of the whole bunch. It’s just so them! Emmie lights up every time Evan comes in the room, and Evan loves her so much that he lets her pull his hair and scratch his face (all on accident of course) all the time. We stopped in a corner on the stairs and I just let them play, and this happened:
SarahMariePhotography_0079Uhg, SO cute, right?

And look at this tummy! Another simple background (a couch) with one tone clothes, because all you really need are these eyes and those smiles.

SarahMariePhotography_0080The finale:SarahMariePhotography_0081Eat your heart out.

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A Boy and His Fort || Home Life Mini Session

THIS. If I could do this every day, I would. I’d just go pick a house and stay awhile, observing the incredible cuteness of everyday routine in the life of a kid, and I’d document it as it happens. If you’ve followed me for awhile, you already know Evan. He’s an incredibly smart, active, funny four year old and I completely adore him, and LOVE taking his pictures. Last week I did a mini home life session with him. He stayed in his pajamas and made a huge mess in the living room. Mess, I say, but to him it was an incredible fort. By the end of it, I had to agree with his assessment over mine. It really was an awesome moment in time to be privileged to capture.


The “mess”


The finishing details


The fort


The result

Mini Home Life Sessions start at $200. Email me to set one up!

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Selfies. Two Photography Tricks You Didn't Know You Knew

Okay, so everyone takes a good selfie nowadays. Truth be told, it’s not a new thing, just the name is. People have been taking “self portraits” for years, but now that it’s called “selfie”, its somehow become a phenomenon. Well recently I noticed that these selfies are becoming awfully similar to each other, with the same poses being used over and over. Now granted, it’s a headshot, so there’s not an endless number of poses, but still, some are used far more frequently than others. It dawned on me that these poses are used for specific reasons, whether the poser realizes it or not. So, I thought I’d outline a few photography tricks, and how you they are often being taken advantage of in something as simple as a selfie.


1) Why Crazy Angle Selfies? Because objects that are further away from the camera appear to be smaller. The top two images here exemplifies that statement. In the first image, I unconsciously swept my hair to the front of my face, leaning in a way that flatters two areas. One, my face looks smaller behind thicker hair, and two, my body looks smaller as it is way in the background. When I pose people (women especially), I often have them lean forward, or put them in such an angle that the top half of the body (chest and up) is closer to the camera, while the lower half (tummy and down) us further away. Combined with body angles, this is a very handy trick. The top right image shows this too, as the image is taken from a slightly elevated angle (you see this a LOT, but usually a much more dramatic angle, as girls take bathroom selfies of themselves from way up high, showing off their outfits). Whatever is closer to the camera will look bigger, masking what is behind.

Real World Example:


In the real world, I pose things that should look smaller (moms- always the toughest critics to themselves) behind things that should look bigger (husbands, or the focus of the picture, like the baby).

2) Why Car Selfies? Because reflective light is soft and flattering. Okay, so you’ve all done it, or at least seen it. Car selfies. Why? There’s nothing attractive about you sitting in a car with a seatbelt across your body, but for some reason it’s a really popular place to grab a quick selfie. The reason is because of the light! Inside a car (at least in the front, you are facing big windows (big in relation to your face), and the bigger your light source is, the softer the light falls on your face. You have the sun, a huge light source, pouring through big windows, and reflected on the shiny dashboard in front of you. It’s a recipe for lighting success. In the photography world, I pose subjects either in open shade (you are in shade, but if you look up, the sky is clear above you. The light reflects from the walls around you) or I use a reflective surface (a reflector if I have it, or a white wall, window or shiny mirror, for example) to get the softest light on their face. The other reason the car selfie is so nice is because you have a lot of light, but it’s not directly hitting you. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times when the sun hitting you is a good thing. It makes for dramatic lighting and can be very nice. For that soft, buttery light though, having the sun not hit you right on is the ticket.

Real World Example:

In the real world, I use open shade, with light reflecting off of a building (like the picture on the left), or indirect sunlight that is hitting the area near my subject, but not on it (like in the image to the right).

In the real world, I use open shade, with light reflecting off of a building (like the picture on the left), or indirect sunlight that is hitting the area near my subject, but not on it (like in the image to the right).

Go through your selfies and you’ll see a few trends. What are they? I’ll be doing another one of these posts another time!


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Welcome to the World Jack || Spring Hill Newborn Photography

Newborns have it all. They get to sleep endlessly, keep their bellies full, and are adored at every turn. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but being a foodie who often needs more rest, it sounds pretty heavenly to me!

So here’s Jack! He had a hard time the night before our session, throwing up a few times, and not getting a lot of sleep. We weren’t sure what to expect, but since we were past the all-important 14 day mark (your newborns sessions should always be within the first 10 days if possible, 14 days at the latest!), we knew we had to try. Well, as you can see, he was a sleeping angel. There was coaxing involved, and intermittent feedings (all completely normal), but his face was so angelic as he slept that it was all worth it.SarahMariePhotography_0053And then we did the part of the session that turned out to be my favorite! Even though mom and dad had just moved into their new home, they have excellent taste, and the color schemes and decorations in their home were so beautiful. It was the perfect backdrop for these beautiful intimate moments with their new son, and I am just giddy for these images! Look at mommy and baby smiling together, and daddy’s strong hands as he clutches his fragile son. Love!SarahMariePhotography_0054Just as a favor to all you Pinterest people, I had to include the baby room. Mom did an amazing job on his room, and the antique toys were so neat! There seemed to be a story for each of them, and I was definitely inspired, so I thought I’d pass that along to you.SarahMariePhotography_0055Thank you Rob and Darah for inviting me into your home! Your little Jack is so beautiful with his red hair, and I was very happy to meet you!!

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A Newborn Session Walk-Through || Spring Hill Newborn Photographer

If every session went exactly like this one, I’d schedule 10 a day because it would be so easy! Aside from those perfect pouty lips and curled fingers, little John Oscar slept so soundly, and was so easy to pose that it was over in no time. Bliss. I think it runs in the family (you’ll see).

Recently I’ve had a lot of questions from parents about how and why I do certain things, so for a change of pace I thought I’d do a session walk-through. Enjoy!

In this first set, we just used a soft blanket and a simple wrap and just captured him as he was, in the natural way newborns sleep. Since he was 15 days old (and as a general rule, you should always shoot newborns in the first ten days, fourteen at the most), he was as curled up as usual, so we emphasized his stretch. He’s a long baby! The room was very warm, we had a noise machine going, and his belly was full!
SarahMariePhotography_0056I like to use blankets that the parents supply, and I only bring one with me. I do this because then I get really beautiful pops of colors like this one below, and they always match the rooms in their house. John’s baby room is bright and sunny, and this green blanket will match perfectly on the walls. At this point, seeing how good John was doing, I decided to risk no diaper, and was rewarded with no accidents and perfect skin.SarahMariePhotography_0058For a touch more of color, I added the blue wrap, simply folding it around him, without changing his position very much. It adds a dramatic depth to the images and makes the baby really stand out.SarahMariePhotography_0059Introducing Della! This little princess is the smartest tiny kid I’ve ever seen, I am consistently amazed at the words that come out of her mouth. Her family goes to my church and is in my missional community (small group), so I see her at least once a week, and man, she is entertaining! She’s also an excellent listener and marvelous big sister, so setting up these snapshots were a piece of cake.SarahMariePhotography_0060Newborn family pictures can be hard, especially on new parents who aren’t as experienced with holding a newborn, but this family was definitely the exception. They were all completely natural, and if add in their beautiful home, it was photography heaven.SarahMariePhotography_0061These are some of my favorites. I love to shoot close up for parent+baby pictures because it emphasizes the smallness of the baby, and the intimacy of the moment.SarahMariePhotography_0062Pure bliss, right? Uhg! I want to do it again!

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