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Cinema Dumbledore Smith || My Dog

This is Jason’s and my dog, Cinema Dumbledore Smith. Weird name, right? Well, we really love movies, so Cinema was a cool name (we thought about calling her Movie), and she’s got a very wise face, so her middle name is Dumbledore. If you don’t know where that name comes from…well, we probably can’t be friends. She’s a chihuahua mix, probably mixed with Beagle, but she is so calm! She gets very excited and crazy when we get home from work, but otherwise she is as cool as a cucumber all the time. She doesn’t like toys. At all. She doesn’t chew on things or bark, and she was 3 years old when we adopted her, so she was potty trained too! She’s the perfect dog!

Why am I telling you all this? Well because on Thanksgiving we always tell three things we are thankful from the past year, and she was one of mine. We adopted her using the Petfinder app on our iPhones, and the organization we ended up going through was Critter Calvary, and they were wonderful! We highly recommend finding your pet this way, if you’re looking!

If we ever adopt a second dog, we’re going to name him Sequel….

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