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Holly and Josh's Wedding in Colorado

Truth: This was the hardest wedding I’ve ever done. Shocking thing to hear right? I mean, photographers shouldn’t complain. But I’m not, just stating a fact. This was my sister’s wedding, and I was the photographer AND a bridesmaid. I’ll tell you one thing, though– I would never take it back, because I’m glad they didn’t go with a craigslist photographer or someone with no experience to get it cheap, but it was hard! Balancing both roles plus sister/daughter/granddaughter/cousin, etc was difficult. The thing that makes it all worth it? Just look below!

Wedding preparation shots are always among my favorites. It’s the transformation a bride dreams about her whole life.

This is my beautiful sister Holly. Hopefully you see a resemblance, cause I think she’s gorgeous.

Did you see those shoes?! I nearly stole them.

This is my new brother-in-law Josh. They make a beautiful couple.

The expressions here brought me to tears.

A picture of forever: The Sand Ceremony, Exchanging of rings, and sealed with a kiss.

First pictures as a married couple, against the gorgeous skies of Colorado.

First Dance

Speeches by the maid of honor (my sister), best man, and my dad

This part of the wedding is a lot of fun, but it’s hard not to join in! This time, I got to!

Such goof-offs. The bouquet and garter toss.

Off to Mexico!

Thanks to everyone who made this day special! Congrats Holly and Josh Myers!

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