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How to Add Canvas to Your Home

Planning your newborn’s room takes a lot of work. Fun work, usually, filled with Pinterest boards and trips to the paint store, but it’s still very time consuming, and it never seems to be quite finished.

I don’t have a baby room in my home, but I do enjoy decorating (see my nautical bedroom makeover), and I especially love decorating with pictures. The way I choose to showcase my images? Canvas, always. It’s just such a standout way to make your images come to life, and it’s always classy looking. I have canvas all over my living room (I did a family art project in black and white), and when I have a baby, it’ll be all over that room too (I’m thinking of a mix and match sizes and shapes wall!). Selecting size, images, and layout can be very difficult.

Well, good news! I am now offering in-home consultations for getting canvas in your home, and I am super excited about it. They will be included in every future session you book with me. Pictures are not meant to be kept in a box, on the hard drive, or used only in Facebook. You should have them up in your home, or in a lovely, professionally put together album for display. I want to help make that happen for you, so I’m excited about this new step I’m taking.

Here’s how we chose the images and layout for this bedroom below…

First step is to pick the place! Whether you have an obvious bare wall that needs filling, or you have no idea where you want it, finding space is the first step. Greta wanted her newborn’s room to have a cozy nook in the corner, so she put up her namesake typography accordingly, not in the middle of the room. That left a lovely space for us to fill up.

Second, measure the area you want to add your canvas to, and do a realistic size projection. You might think an 11×14 is big, but when it gets on your wall, you’ll be shocked at how small that area is. These four canvases are 12×12 each, which, looking at them on the ground, looks pretty big altogether. Once on the wall though, it’s definitely not too big, and compliments the space beautifully.

Third, pick your images. You can choose one big one or a collage of many, but it has to fit the space, and it has to match the look and feel of the room. You wouldn’t want a soft, muted image in a room with bold primary colored walls, nor would you want multiple images to be mismatched in color or texture. For the four images Greta chose, I went over them again in post-processing, putting them together on the screen to make sure the colors were exactly matching. If I hadn’t, she would have ended up with a bright newborn, smiling, a dark, contrasty one of her and the baby, and two others that matched each other quite well. I also made them a little more muted and brought out the pinks to match the colors of the bedroom, and I love how it turned out.

There! Easy, right? If not, let me know at your next session, and we can plan something great for your home!

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