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McGraw Family Home Life Session || Spring Hill Photography

Honestly, I want their home. As in, I’ve already made a video of all the room and have the blueprints. If Jason and I build a home in the future like we would like to, then it will likely be very similar to this one.

Meet the McGraws! This family of four is super photogenic, and up for anything. Cora and Greta are the cutest, most intelligent little girls and I have been looking forward to this session for a really long time! We met at their home about an hour before sunset and did a little bit of posing, and a little bit of “suggestive play” to get these girls doing what comes naturally to them! The colors in their bedrooms are just breathtaking, and the sunny kitchen nook was just a natural place to shoot. I’m so in love with this session, that I’ve put twice as many pictures in this blog as I normally do. I hope you love them, and seriously, consider a home session for your family session!

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