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Merry Little Christmas || Home Life Photography

I really shouldn’t have been surprised. This family ALWAYS has the best ideas, their home is picture perfect, and their kids are incredibly photogenic. Last year Brynn’s Christmas session was one of my top two favorite sessions of the year, and this year this one is definitely a contender as well. For our session last Saturday Brad and Taryn decorated their home for Christmas late Friday night and didn’t let the kids out of their rooms until I got there, and then let Brynn loose (Harrison is only a few months so his reactions were a little different 😉 It turned out so cute! I guess I don’t need to tell you. Just look.

See? Magical. She discovered the tree and me at the same time, so I’m not sure which one was more surprising.

That hat didn’t last long on her head, but OMG so cute!!

She wanted to decorate with ornaments first…

and then got all wrapped up in the ribbon. It just melts my heart.

Christmas villages are one of my favorite Christmas traditions. There is so much to look at!

Meet Harrison! Mommy and Daddy were equipped with mistletoe, so we introduced the two at the same time.

Remember what I said about photogenic? Good grief he’s cute.

This series just cracks me up! I love that Harrison is cracking up while Brynn is crying, but not even two minutes later, kisses and smiles ensued.

For a more non-Christmasy feel we moved into another room and just captured the family moments.

Cutest outfit ever, right?

He was so so cute!!

This series was technically while we were finishing up, but Brynn just got happier and happier as we went along, and I couldn’t resist getting her sweet face just casually goofing off with me on the couch.

Sweet sweet moments.

Now you see why it’s one of my favorites. I LOVE this family! Thank you so much Taryn and Brad!!

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