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Reading Outside || Nashville Family Photography

You know what I said the moment I saw this family? “Yay redheads!” I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this a million times, but redheads are gorgeous to me! I’m green with envy for them, and really hope to have my own little redheads one day.

Well these kiddos were no exception, and their parents were very photogenic too! We had a blast at Radnor Lake, walking around the park and making all the other walkers smile with our antics. Besides being an awesome session, it was also terrifying! I’m not much of an outdoorswoman, and I hate anything creepy crawly. Well, if I told you that I freaked out  and couldn’t take a photo for five minutes because I was reeling from nearly posing these gorgeous kids on top of a copperhead would you blame me?! It’s true, and it was horrifying. I can’t talk about it any more.

So meet the family!

The love they all had for each other was palpable.

Props are always a good idea, and I especially loved this scene. Reading rocks!

Look at her turning the pages with her big brother!

Such cute faces.

Big brother was a proud little man! He loved his sister and had lots of stories to tell!

Check out these amazing eyes! This was taken right after the snake incident. Maybe fear is good for me!

So, lesson learned. Don’t nearly kill your clients with a snake unless you want great photos. Got it! Thanks to the Bryan family for such an amazing time!

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