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The Hunger Games Autographed Book || On Cloud Nine

So everybody knows how much I love the Hunger Games… it’s not like I hide it. I’ve read the books four times and saw the movie four times in the theater. Of course I own it now, having gone to Walmart at midnight on its release date. There’s just so much good about it, the story is so startling yet so appallingly possible for our future, has tons of action but is also very heartfelt, and the actors in the movie were really great. All that aside, the books are definitely better, but books always are.

This book in particular is very special, not because it has the words “The Hunger Games” stamped on it, but because of the words inside. ALL the tributes signed it themselves! That means Jennifer Lawrence (“Thank you for being in our movie!”), Josh Hutcherson (“Great working with you!”), and all the rest of the awesome cast. How do I have this book, you ask? Well, my friend’s roommate’s little sister is Annie Thurman, the district 9 tribute in the movie! Isn’t that cool? She lent the book to my friend, and when she showed me, I begged to take a few pictures of it! Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and I found out later that these photos were not okay, so by request of some pretty important people, I’ve taken them down. Even so, Annie is so cool so read on!

Because Annie Thurman’s part was smaller, we didn’t get to see much of her, but because of this book I really started to look into her. She’s a sweet girl, beautiful with amazing red hair, and so mature. You should see this outrageous

interview when a dim-witted interviewer thought she was Foxface! She had such grace about it and was so pleasant. She just finished wrapping on the movie “Dark Skies” which stars the amazing Keri Russell. Check her out!

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