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8 Months Is A Really Long Time || Baby Diaries 3

I know now that when you’re trying to have kids, it kind of becomes something of an obsession, and you think about it all the time. That being said, I’ve been trying to make it so that my readers don’t have to be thinking about it all of the time too, so you haven’t heard from me about this in awhile. It’s still happening though. Every month I hold out a little bit of hope that this is the month, and its not. Sometimes it feels rude to talk about how hard it is, how incredibly annoying it is to watch Emma Pillsbury on Glee to get pregnant in a month, when I know that some people have tried for years and years without success. Add that guilt to the already difficult dashed expectations, and baby-making isn’t exactly what I expected.

It’s not all bad, though. Jason and I have been spending this time just enjoying the activities that you can’t really do with kids. We’ve been saving money, but also we realize that life will change dramatically later, so we are living it up now! We also looked into foster parenting, since it’s something we’ve wanted to do for many years, but unfortunately its just not the right time. Nothing seems to be! God’s timing can be really hard sometimes! So for now we just keep chuggin along, enjoying life and living in the moment… we’ll see what happens.

This is me and the newborn Emerson Marie that will be featured on Thursday’s blog! Stay tuned!

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