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Arrington Vineyards || A Cheap Date

DISCLAIMER: These are iPhone images!

Who doesn’t love a cheap date? I mean, definitely a romantic one, but still cheap. Well, I certainly love it, and this was no exception.

Have you ever been to Arrington Vineyards? It’s just outside of Franklin, in, obviously enough, Arrington TN. It’s free to the public, there’s live music most of the time, free wine tastings every day, and lush trees, vineyards, tree swings and picnic tables everywhere. It is the BEST place to picnic! So Jason and I went yesterday when it was 65 degrees with a cool breeze. Aaaahhh….

First we went to Publix and got Boarshead Pesto Parmesan Ham, Chipotle Gouda, Creamy Havarti, and Black Wax Cheddar cheese. Three slices of each at about $10. We already had crackers and mustard, and grapes at home too, so we packed up our little picnic and left!

Do we look happy? Yes, that’s because we were. Note our beautiful spread in the reflection of our glasses complete with a picnic blanket, paper towels, cutlery and wine straight from Arrington. We liked the Riesling the best, and I got a Raspberry Dessert wine for me to have later with chocolate. Holla!

The view from where we sat. I’ve never seen the vines so young, so they must be at the start of their season. They’ll get huge after awhile, and you’re allowed to walk through them. It’s really beautiful.

Yeah, it was yum, and filling. Bottle of wine, $20, Meats and Cheeses, $10. Memories that last a lifetime? Priceless.

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