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Baby Diaries || TTC Month Three

(Caution: This post talks about the female reproductive phases. Men may want to look away, but I promise it’s not graphic.)

Three months is not a long time. Three months is not a long time. Three months is not a long time.

Yeah right. You try getting pregnant, see if it is or not.

I have a new found respect (and fear) for the mothers who had to wait years before conceiving! It’s a whole lot harder than I imagined. Here I am, only on month three, no biggie, and yet it seems like it’s been forever. This is how it goes:

Week 1: Aunt Flo is visiting. You’re sad it didn’t work, but now that you know, it’s alright. There’s no stress this week, no expectations.

Week 2: It’s on! Be sure to have a good time while you calculate dates and times, use ovulation tests and take your temperature every morning.

Week 3: This is the in-between time. There’s nothing you can do to make it happen, but it’s also too early to start wondering if early pregnancy symptoms are here. Usually this period (no pun intended) is just a really long wait.

Week 4: Longest week of your life. Every nudge in your stomach is noted. You wonder whether food smells funny to you or whether you’re craving that donut just because or because. You start looking at those early pregnancy tests and wondering if you should use them. You search online and research every abnormal thing your body does to see if its ever been a pregnancy symptom to any women ever. By the end of this week (or so), you’re either bitterly disappointed or wildly happy. Or so they say.

Yeah, it’s a roller coaster for sure.

This month in particular for me has been better and worse. I did MUCH better at not stressing out and putting it in God’s hands. I made a list of all the things that not having a baby right away would benefit (like, I wouldn’t have to sell my red hot Ford Mustang convertible), and that helped. It was worse because a lot of unusual things happened, so I literally didn’t know what to think. It’s been quite the journey already, but you know what? I am completely convinced that it’ll be worth it! Looking forward to month #4!

You know how they say the average child costs about $250,000? I'm seeing what mine will be...

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