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Cajun Food Delivery in Spring Hill, TN (and a discount!)

Today I have some good news for you. Very good news in fact. You, living in Spring Hill, TN, can now officially have amazing Cajun food delivered to your home, for less than the price of going out to eat! Seriously.

I heard about this guy on the i heart Spring Hill (TN, ya’ll) Facebook page. He posted about a special deal for just the members of that page, so I looked him up. Turns out he was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and even though he’s an airline pilot, on his days when he isn’t flying, he cooks and delivers Cajun food to the good people of Spring Hill. The name is Mike and he runs Sara’s Kitchen. So each day he’s available he posts to his Facebook page, and tells what he has available that day. Usually its Crawfish Etouffe ($9), Jambalaya ($6.75), and Gumbo ($5.25). I hear he’s adding Crab Cakes in the near future!

Well anyway, I ordered all three dishes, and Holy Moly were they good! He’s just getting started and wants to expand, so he’s looking for more business! He offered to give 25% off to anyone who orders and uses my name (Sarah-Marie Smith)! Why the heck not?! Do it! Besides, once four people order, I get a free dish. Holla!

That’s the Crawfish Etouffe. It was gone in mere minutes…

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