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Camping in TN || Me as Katniss

Ah, camping. I haven’t been camping since 2005 and my husband has never been! Luckily for us, we have some adventurous friends and we all planned a trip! I was in charge of food, naturally, but Felicia and Jason bought a massive tent to fit all six of us in our own little compartments and Erin and Kyle bought enough firewood to last for days! I totally felt like Katniss, cooking over flames, wandering the woods, forming alliances…lol. We had so much fun, and here’s what we did:

The clan’s all here!

Jason and I did this for the first hour…

Felicia and Jason did all this! Setting up the tent, starting a fire, and getting out chairs and games.

They brought a really fun game, but we accidentally got one of the balls stuck in the tree. This is our solution.

We had hotdogs with chilli and cheese (all cooked over a fire of course) and then roasted marshmallows. Mmmm.

We carved our own roasting sticks too. I felt mad skilled.

When it got dark we talked polotics and end times, and then the girls and guys split for girly vs. manly conversation.

In the morning, I made pancakes, sausage and hash (long time tradition) all on the open flames. The smoke was killing me (hence the snarl).


After our excursion, ready to get home and get cleaning!

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