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Christmas Decorating Idea || My Crafty Christmas

This will be a crafty Christmas for me. I’ve already decorated my house much more than normal, and several of them are decorations straight out of Pinterest! I’ve made a candle holder made from candy canes, mason jar candle holders, and candy filled candle holders. It’d been fun, and it’s really inexpensive. I’m planning on making most of my Christmas gifts this year too, but that will have to be posted after Christmas so as not to give away the surprises!


Something my mom always did growing up is wrap our pictures on the wall as presents. It’s a super cheap way to transform the whole room, and it looks great! I remember as a kid loving the way our whole home transformed, even though I didn’t like putting in all the work to decorate it. Now that I’m older I appreciate the whole process, and while I’m wrapping my wall canvases, I put on the Christmas music! My season-starting music is Steven Curtis Chapman’s “The Music of Christmas” and I blast it throughout the house!

So what do you think?!

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