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Cool New Way I Did My Hair. In Like 3 Minutes.

So the other day I was super tired but really needed to wash my hair. The dilemma is not the shower here, it’s the hair styling process. When you have a lot of thick heavy hair like me, it takes forever to dry and style! So I came up with something and it actually worked! I don’t believe I’m probably the first person to have this idea, but hey, it can’t hurt to share my new method!

So all I did was divide my hair in two while it was still damp, and roll it, collecting pieces as I went like a french braid. Both times I rolled away from my face. When both pieces met at the nape of my neck, I just looped them around each other and tied it up. The next morning I let it all out, not brushing through, but just finger pulling pieces apart, and this is what I got! It was crimpy and beachy and actually got better as it went. By the third day (I only style and wash my hair twice a week) I had brushed it all the way out and it still left soft curls. I love it! In fact, I think I’m going to go do it again. Right now.

Here’s the second time I’ve done it! This time I just added hairspray!

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