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Craigslist + Chalk Paint = A Mantel to Die For

About two weeks or so ago, Jason decided to move our bed. I left work and it was against one wall, I came home, it was against another. This was no small feat, as our bed was custom made and is huge (see this blog)! Well all of a sudden, we had a TON of extra space in our bedroom! So of course I proceeded to do a dramatic overhaul. Once it is all finished (I’ve got all the components there, I’m just missing the knick knacks to adorn the space), I’ll definitely blog about it, but today is just about my amazing find on Craigslist, and a little bit of paint.

I love reading. That’s relevant because when I decided we needed a piece of furniture to take up some space, I decided it either had to be a fireplace or a bookshelf (reading!), or preferably both. My problem was that every single mantel/bookshelf hybrid I could find was hundreds or even a thousand dollars! I’d just about given up hope when I found this on Craigslist:

A hundred dollars later and I was in business!

Originally I went into my local antique shop (Vintage 615– Jamie helped me and was amazing!) looking for white chalk paint, because I was told that it required no sanding or priming (which is true!!!). Unfortunately they were out, but the amazing staff took a lot of time with me to figure out something else to do instead. Saturday was my one and only no-photoshoot Saturday until December, so this was my last chance, and I couldn’t wait for the paint to come in. I decided on Mam’s Boy Blue and Chivalry Gray by Van Gogh and also bought their furniture makeup antiquing glaze. The paint was nice and thick, and as advertised, needed no sanding or priming! Here’s what it looked like after the colors were added (these are iphone pictures by the way, don’t hate):

Definitely not awful, but a little rough. Eventually I got the hang of it and the final piece looks like this:

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