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Easter baskets are kind of like you…

It’s funny the evolution of the Easter baskets. Have you noticed? They started off all brown and sturdy, and now they’re every color you can imagine. I noticed this last week during the Easter egg hunt at my school where I work as a preschool teacher. I have twelve kids in my class, and every one of them had completely different baskets. The only consistent thing was the basket handle- still the traditional shape.

But all that isn’t interesting really. What I thought was really cool was that each basket directly showed the personality of each child. Consider these three:

Child number 1) Beautiful, smart and caring, and very stylish (I credit the parents though). Her perfect circle basket, monogrammed and frilly says it all.Child number 2) Long, lean, and an excellent arm! His basket shows that exactly. Plush (like luxury!), basketball themed, and bold orange.Child number 3) What says peace-lovin, flower toting, girl-with-a-tin-basket, like a highly inquisitive younger sister with a very easy smile and crazy style?

See what I mean? I didn’t even mention the wild child with the huge basket or the free-spirit with the grocery bag. It was a pretty cool to see all that.

You know what was sad to me though? The way that everyone concentrates on bunnies and baskets for Easter. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with them too, but my parents did something special; we only did bunnies and eggs on Saturday, and then celebrated the real reason for Easter on Sunday. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died to pay our debt for sins so that we could go to Heaven with Him. I’d be a fool to do any blog about Easter without mentioning the most important thing you could ever hear, so there it is. Happy Easter. Thanks Jesus.

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