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For Moms || Christmas Crafts & An Amazing App

So, my first week as a nanny is done, and it’s so far, so awesome. Evan is so funny and is soaking up knowledge like nobody’s business. So am I, actually, but a different kind of knowledge. You know what’s not one of my strengths? Arts and crafts. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s just that it doesn’t come naturally to me. Well with the help of Pinterest, our first week of projects was very successful! Like, paint all over your body need-to-take-a-bath kind of successful. During my search for inspiration this week I found an AWESOME  app that all moms should have, and nannies too. I’ll go more into that below.

Here’s what we’ve done:

This one is made with only prints and Sharpie touch ups. Santa is made with thumb prints.

Use their precious toes and feet for these adorable Christmas trees.

So the app I was talking about? Listen to this: You love your childs’ artwork right? Your best intentions are to hang it up all over your wall and love it forever? Well then you have child number two and three and those amazing ideas just end up…not working out. So what do you do? You still want to save those memories, and have something to share your precious baby when their older right? Well that’s where this app comes in. It’s called Artkive(get it, like Archive? Hehe…just kidding) and all you do is take a picture of your childs’ artwork, and when you have a good amount, simply press “Print Book” and it creates a lovely book for you! What a precious gift! What’s more is that you can share the pictures with your spouse or the grandparents directly from the app. It stores the date and name of the project, along with any additional details. I love it! I am definitely going to be doing this for my kiddos, and hopefully Evan’s mom doesn’t read this, because I’m planning on doing this for her next Christmas…

Cotton ball Santa. I used a sturdy paper plate for this man, and a button nose!

And last but not least!

Paper plates, toilet paper rolls and finger painting. Evan used a sponge to get the green to look right, and it was great discipline for him to only use the sponge and concentrate on keeping his fingers clean. He did amazing at it.

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