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Friends || Taking Pictures of My Life

There’s this funny image going around Facebook:

It’s funny to photographers, and also ironic, because people say this ALL the time! Every time it happens, I feel like offering them my camera to see if they can get the same results. I don’t, of course, because my camera is super expensive and I don’t let people touch it! But the sentiment stands. Photography is a LOT of work, and it takes a lot of learned skill, but we do it because we love it! I am one of those right-brained people who loves to read, sing, perform, write, and paint. Photography, though, is the art I’m best at, and I’m so glad to be doing it all the time. I could take pictures of kiddos every day!

Occasionally though, I need pictures that include me! I love art in my home, but not art like Picasso, rather, art that means something to me. Photography of my friends and family, to be exact. I currently have 1o pieces of photography canvas just in my living room! Well, now I’m adding a new piece, and I wanted an image of my best friends. Jason and I love being married, and we love having married friends! We hang with our best friends Erin and Kyle, and Felicia and Jason. So I needed a picture of the six of us. Where did I turn? Friends. Of course!

This is the image I found that I liked best. With some tweaking based on my available couch, we all got really uncomfortable, put the camera on a timer, and I ran back and forth until it turned out just right! Below is the result!

Ta-da! This is going up on my wall ASAP.

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