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Halloween 2013 || Cake Eyeballs and a Chili Bar

It’s the official start of the holidays! Halloween came and went with great gusto this year, as Tornado watches swept through this side of the country. We got only a tiny but of rain  and some wind where I live, but despite that, my guest list went from 11 people to 3. To say I was bummed is a huge understatement. I think I’ll start charging for RSVPs from now on! Anyway I was super happy about the people who did come, and we still had a great time! We ate and talked, handed out candy to the kids who came to the door, and watched episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? I had a chili and caramel apple bar, eye ball cake pops, and of course, we all wore costumes!

Of course I was Katniss again (three weeks until Catching Fire!), Jason was Harry Potter, Felicia and Jason were a hunter and a bear, and Nina was Pocahontas! Cinema made a reappearance as a Sheriff again this year!

Chili Bar: Potatoes, hotdogs and buns, Fritos, onions, chives, sour cream, and french fries. Caramel Apple Bar: Red and green apples, crushed peanuts, pretzels, Oreos, and M&Ms, melted caramel and chocolate.

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