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How to Not Worry || Advice from God

So yesterday my pastor rocked a seriously great sermon. I go to The People’s Church, which is originally out of Franklin. I go to the Spring Hill campus, since it’s where I live, though, and we get to see my pastor Rick White through the huge monitors, and it’s good enough for me! I always end up looking at the monitors anyway! Well anywho, this Sunday our lesson was “How to Win Over Worry.”

Worrying is a big problem nowadays. We worry over things that make sense, like health and finances, but we also worry about really dumb stuff. Stuff we have no control over anyway. Like “Is my hair going to look like crap today?” I’ve known girls who would agonize over their hair before it even became a problem! Seriously…So I thought it was valuable, whether you are a believer or not, because worrying is just a waste of time. It doesn’t help anyone or do you any good.

Here are the three main nuggets from this sermon:

1) Remember God’s Faithfulness in your life (He says he’s taking care of a sparrow, so how much more will He take care of you?)

2) Take every thought captive for Christ (meaning, if you catch yourself worrying or thinking something bad, strangle it in the moment!!)

3) Cast your cares upon Christ (He means THROW IT!, no dilly-dallying. Don’t worry, just don’t. If God has promised to meet our needs, than what are we even worrying about? He’s taking care of you.)

(click to go to the sermon- it starts at 00:34:00)

“Worry is negative meditation”- Rick White

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