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Hunger Games Party || Themed Games and Food

Saturday, March 23rd was the one year anniversary of The Hunger Games movie coming out, so naturally, I threw a Hunger Games party!

So the first thing I did is ask my Graphic Design husband to create a bunch of signs for all of my creations! Welcome to the Capitol!

The table was full of themed food and decor. Target and The Dollar Tree were a little scant on supplies, but I made do.

The Fruit Cornucopia’s was an idea straight from Pinterest, and since some of my party guests are watching calories (me included), fruit was a great option!

For the main course, we had (Little) Caesar Flickerman’s Pizza (I was jumping with happiness when I thought of that genius idea, if I do say so myself), and from Catching Fire, Katniss’s favorite food from the Mellark bakery is the cheese bread/rolls that Peeta makes, so we substituted cheesy bread!

Surely you remember that Katniss and Peeta both loved the Hot Chocolate from the Capitol, and “Peeta” Chips seemed rather appropriate.

The Nightlock Punch was made from Kool-Aid, OJ, Pineapple Juice and Lemonade, with 7-up. It was delicious! Here’s the

Felicia was Glimmer in Hunger Games gear, Erin was dressed up Katniss, and I was Hunger Games Katniss!

So we had some feuds.

The parachutes took some time to get right, but all I used were bowls, tin foil, yarn, and random objects, all held up by tacks.

I was so proud of my nests, made from scouring pads. The prize for the winner of the games is a secret!

Here are the games: Tracker Jacker Shakeoff, Cornucopia Attack, and a Game of Odds that I made up. The first two games came from this clever

The Tracker Jacker Shakeoff was an adaption from a Minute to Win It game, and it was hilarious!

I came in dead last, mostly because I couldn’t stop laughing to play!

Kyle tried it because he couldn’t believe it was as hard as we said it was. We proved to be right.

Felicia won this game. She had the moves!

Jason was convinced to try it too, and he did very well!

The Cornucopia Attack we played three times! It was so chaotic and hilarious, we were all gasping for breathe!

The prize was your “Life,” like in the real Hunger Games, and food for your “district” (family). I was pretty dang proud of myself for that connection.

So that’s everything! Of course we watched the movie after all of that (it was my 10th time seeing it), and I made mockingjay jello jigglers, but they never set, so that was a major fail. I guess we’ll have to do this again in November, when Catching Fire comes out on the 22nd!!

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