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I Don’t Remember What I Wanted to Blog About…

I just don’t know what to blog about. I’ve been sitting at my computer for 30 minutes, wishing I could think of something witty to say. The annoying thing is, is that I had two specific blog ideas in mind, and forgot to write them down. Me and my dumb really bad memory, and I have no idea what I wanted to say. I know a bunch of options:

1) New hair. I just went from blonde back to brown again, and I’m confidant that I was NOT going to blog about it.

2) New pillows. Jason and I decided pillows in the living room would spruce up the place, and it did, but that’s still not what I wanted to blog about.

3) Cake Pops. I made some. They were great, but nope, that isn’t it either.

That’s it. I don’t know, those aren’t what I wanted to blog about, but I just can’t remember what it is! Until I do, this is your Monday blog. Sorry!

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