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Jason's Batman and Robin Party || A Roasting

Jason and I love to throw parties. Shindigs really. Once, when I was telling a young male teller at the bank that I was throwing a party that night, he seemed to think that 1) I was hitting on him and was about to invite him to come and 2) that I meant a raging-alcohol-and-rave-lights party. I corrected him shortly. Since then, I call them shindigs so as to not confuse the populace. It’s not like I have a problem with having a drink or colored lights, but our get-togethers are with friends, usually involving pizza and movies or games. PG stuff. We have a great time.

Well, Jason decided that he wanted to throw our shindig this time. He planned a 1997 Batman and Robin party, complete with a “Chill” shirt, ICE cream, a specially ordered poster, and a musical slideshow of every song involving the words “ice” that we could find. It was as corny as a movie can get, and we thoroughly roasted it. I can’t say I enjoyed the movie one bit, but the company was great, and our friend Sarah brought a FEAST of banana split toppings that will likely not be beat in my lifetime. It was worth enduring the movie.

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