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Jennifer Lawrence || My First Oscars

You know I’m a mega Jennifer Lawrence fan right? Huge. Not convinced? Consider…

Typical 12am conversation between Jason and I:

Jason “Oh, wow, I thought you’d be sleeping”

Me (on my phone) “Jennifer Lawrence”

Jason “Oh, gotcha.”

Every other day in our living room:

Me (laughing hysterically)

Jason “Hey, babe, whatcha watchin?”

Me (on my computer) “Jennifer Lawrence interviews on YouTube”

Jason “Yep.”

Every time we stand in line at a grocery store:

Jason “You’re buying a magazine?”

Me “Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover.”

Add to that every time I see this girl on magazines, TV, ads, etc, I basically freak out. Jennifer Lawrence rocks my socks off and I love her to death! So, naturally, I had to watch the Oscars this year. It was my first time, not being into glamor and “who’s wearing who”, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it! I only watched it for Jennifer, but there was so much more that I loved! Seth MacFarlane was hilarious! His comment to Daniel Day Lewis “I heard you stayed in character all day while you played Lincoln. If you saw a cell phone, did you yell ‘Oh My God what’s that?!'” (don’t fact check that quote, but that’s basically what he said). Pretty funny. Then there were the hilarious dances, the silly sketches, and the interviews! Jennifer Hudson singing from Dreamgirls and the cast of Les Mis singing was incredible. It was great, I’ll definitely be watching those again in the future, armed with my pizza rolls and hot chocolate, naturally.

Academy Award Winner for Leading (and Winner of Best Dressed), Jennifer Lawrence!!

But, the part that I really cared about happened near the end, and it was worth the wait! You must know by now, but if you didn’t, Jennifer won Leading Actress!!!!!!!!! I’m so so so happy, I actually cried, and wore out my voice screaming. So happy. She’s the cutest thing in the world, and I love what she said when they gave her a standing ovation (which she totally deserves).

So here are my favorite Jen moments from the Oscars (watch them before they take them down!):

1) Her charming trip (how does she make it look so graceful?) and speech (this one is bad quality but it seems that those are the only ones still online)

Best Oscars ever!!! Congrats Jennifer Lawrence, I love you! Thanks for making my first Oscars amazing.

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