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Marriage Advice for the Happily Married Couple

Jason and I have been married for nearly 2 1/2 years. Wedded bliss. No really, it’s been awesome. We’ve often wondered about that supposed first year of marriage being really hard. It just wasn’t for us. Of course, we credit that to God, our family upbringing, and eHarmony (which is how we met), so I guess it’s not a huge shock. We are so perfectly matched that we agree on the important things, and compromise on the unimportant things. That being said, nobody is perfect, hence no marriage is perfect. I’m not very good at being submissive, so it makes being a leader tough for Jason. We’ve also always handled our own finances, so the recent switch to Jason handling all things money has been a little challenging (mostly for me giving up control, he’s doing great!), and so on. So anyway, we want to keep our marriage full of the life and laughter it currently has, so we are guarding it carefully. We decided to join a study group at our church, The People’s Church (in Franklin and Spring Hill). It’s a marriage class called “The Biblical Portrait of Marriage” by Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson. Besides being a bit dated (okay, a lot dated, I think the video is from the 1980s, lol, you should see the hairdos!), it’s really an awesome class and curriculum! It’s been tough at times, with Biblical principles that are hard to hear when you know you aren’t following them very well, but it’s been extremely beneficial. Some of the topics are “Leaving” and the importance of leaving the security (financially, emotionally, etc) of your parents, or “Cleaving” to your spouse in your new life. The most impactful ones for me have been the role of the wife and husband, and I’m looking forward to the other sections, such as the ones on money or communication. We’ve built relationships with other couples in our class and have learned a lot from the group discussion. So basically, I highly recommend it! If you might be interested in looking into this for your church, click here for more info. You’ll never be sorry you improved your marriage, and starting sooner can only help!

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