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Micah's Adoption Story || Video by SMP

Adoption is beautiful thing. It is the perfect picture of God’s love for us. Here we are, these dirty kids playing in the mud, with no rights to anything, when God comes up and says “That one. That’s the one I want as my own. That’s the one I want to devote my life to, give my inheritance to, and love unconditionally forever and ever.” No matter what, and not for any reason, we are suddenly chosen. Amazing.

Scott and Leslie Lehman are good friends of ours from church who we’ve known for a few years now. They led one of the small group classes about marriage, and when it was over Jason and I just decided to take another one, and then another. They have this way of showing that even though marriage is hard, and love doesn’t always mean you like the person, it is worth the effort. We’ve learned so much from them, and we love them so much!

Almost two and a half years ago, Scott and Leslie decided to adopt, and started the process. At the time they expected about an 8 month journey, but it took two years for Micah to finally come home to him, and what a lucky kid he is! He is a bundle of joy, all energy and character, with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. As I watched the entire story unfold, complete with updates and discussions, I knew I wanted to capture it in some way. Of course I took pictures when he finally arrived, but I wanted to do more, so, here it is. We got together before they left for Ghana and they opened up their home and shared their story with me. When Micah arrived (and settled in a bit!) I went back to get an update. It’s so beautiful. That place that was so open for him is now so filled and overflowing, and it is magnificent. I hope you love this story with me. Thanks for watching.

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