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My 28th Birthday Party

Thursday was my birthday! I am now only 28 years old and excited for this year in my life. To celebrate, I had some friends over, naturally. We had fondue (Italian sausage fondue with wine, spaghetti sauce and cheese. Yum!!) and chocolate cake (I always make mine with strawberry jam in the middle of the layers), and played Imaginiff and watched the 7th Harry Potter movie (8th one coming this Friday!). It was so much fun! I love just getting together with friends and sharing life. This year I got some really meaningful gifts for my friends. Once I put them together, it was like me in a pile!

I got:

Photo Monopoly (duh, photographer) Special edition of Vogue, featuring Jennifer Lawrence (who else?) A Hunger Games coffee cup (May the Odds Be Ever in Your FLAVOR) A homemade painting of an anchor with a Bible verse on it in the colors of my bedroom (just redecorated!) A gift card to Barnes and Nobles (books hello?) A silver and pearl necklace (I HATE gold)

That’s me, in a pile! I was so touched by all the thoughtfulness that went into them! I have the best friends 🙂

Thank you Erin, Kyle, Felicia, Jason, Nine, Mariah, Isaac, and of course, my Jason, for being a part of my day, and my life. I love you all!

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