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My (2nd) Hunger Games Party || Food Ideas

So last year on the one year anniversary of the first movie, I had my first Hunger Games party (click the link to see). Last night I had my second one (because, in case you didn’t know, Mockingjay comes out on Friday!!!!!!!), but it was just a mini party. I only had a few girlfriends come over since my hubby was at  Jenny Lewis concert, and we all contributed to the food (there’s a list of the food below). I have a ton of Hunger Games stuff lying around, including posters and magazines, so I decorated with a black tablecloth and the mini signs my husband made (and is selling on Etsy now), and voila! Two movies and five hours later, it was a success!


Love you Becky, Angie and Mackenzie!!! Thanks for coming over!

Food List:

1) Cracker Jackers (Pioneer Woman has a good recipe for bacon and parmesan butter crackers)

2) Greasy Sae’s Mystery Meatballs (any old meatball recipe)

3) Peeta’s Cheese Buns (ready to bake rolls from Target with which I stuffed with cheddar cheese)

4) Mellark Bakery Pumpkin Snickerdoodles (I just found a random recipe on Pinterest)

5) Katniss’ Hot Chocolate

6) Prim’s Goat Cheese Platter

7) Nightlock Punch (Sprite, OJ and blue Koolaide mix topped with frozen blueberries)

8) Chicken Cornucopias (homemade chicken taquitos)

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