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My Apologies and Other Things

Man! I’ve been seriously slacking off in blogging recently! I’m so sorry! Truth is, this is such a busy time of year for me and I’m just plain exhausted. For photographers, busy season is Summer and Fall, Summer for weddings and families in the Fall. Everybody wants the pretty colors and the beautiful weather, and I don’t blame them (that’s when I do my photo sessions each year too!), but boy does it get busy! Just this weekend I had three sessions, and considering all of the other things I do each weekend, plus editing time, it gets crazy around here.

It’s definitely my favorite time of year though. Fall begins with my birthday, then our wedding anniversary, plus all of the other holidays that come after that. The weather is my absolute favorite all year, hot cocoa comes into play, scarves, hats and boots are acceptable attire, and my dog stops shedding. No reason not to like it.

This year in addition to that, the next Hunger Games movie is coming out, and I am hosting a Halloween party (again-last year was amazing!) AND Thanksgiving for my family. One of my best friends is moving into my town, and this year we will buy our first full sized Christmas tree! We’re having our yearly session done again by Moonbelle Photography (people in Huntsville check her out!), and with Jason just getting a brilliant new job, we are so excited to be saving money again! Basically, it’s just a great life, and I am trying hard to live in the moment. Sometimes that means opting for a date night with Jason instead of writing a blog, but you’ll be fine. In the meantime, enjoy this picture:

Me and the kid I nanny. If you can't beat em, join em!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, one more thing! I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, and here are two books you will want to read:

1) This one is free! It’s called The Game and it’s amazing! (Realistic Science Fiction/ Realistic Fantasy/ Gaming)

2) Six and a half books for $5.99? AND they’re awesome? This is the Roam series and I highly recommend it. (Time travel/ Love/ Fantasy/ Thriller)

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