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My Family Art Project || Black and White Photography

I’m kind of a family oriented girl. Completely. I love family, I love traditions, and even as a teenager I liked being with my family (for the most part 😉 )So when I proposed a few years ago to do an art project with my family where I would blow up slightly more artistic pictures of them and hang them on my wall, it wasn’t a huge shock to them all. For various reasons, it took awhile to get it moving, but I’m glad I waited because my photography style is finally where I feel very comfortable with it and I now have a defined “look.” Jason and I chose a picture of us from Moonbelle Photography that we loved, made it into a two-piece canvas, and then during Christmas I took images of both of our families to complete the look I always wanted on our wall! Here it is below!

Our photo that we used as the centerpiece.

My sister Rachel and her husband Matt, new parents!

My sister Elisabeth, Coast Guard Officer and Pilot.

My sister Holly and her husband Josh, newlyweds.

My parents, still in love after almost 30 years.

Jason’s parents, as cute as can be.

Jason’s brother Michael and his daughter Ember.

My final collection put together on our wall! Canvases by Fabness.comin two 12×18’s and six 12×12’s.

Sorry about the phone-quality picture…

What do you think?!

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