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My Gluten and Dairy Free Thanksgiving Plans

So my mom and dad are coming over this Thanksgiving. It’s only my second time ever making a turkey, and my first time hosting it. I’m so excited! My mom recently developed a horrible intolerance for both Gluten and Dairy (Imagine eating it for 40 years and then having to stop. It’s like my own personal nightmare), so we are doing away with all that nonsense. Here’s what I’ve found…

Turkey: Good grief, they all have butter! Well, almost all of them. Buyer beware, even if it’s not a Butterball, it can  still be made with butter, so check your ingredients carefully. I found a dairy free turkey at Kroger. Here’s the recipe I’ll be using: Rosemary Roasted Turkey

Next up, mashed potatoes! I bought Soy Milk and Earth Balance non-dairy buttery spread, and I’ll just be adding the potatoes and seasonings. Here’s a recipe exactly like what I’ll be doing.

Here’s how I make my green beans:

Ingredients are a can of green beans, bacon drippings (I always save mine) and caraway seed. Just cook the beans in the bacon drippings in a pot on the    stove for awhile until they get a little softer than they started, and add caraway seed for flavor. I love making green beans this way!

By the way, apparently no one makes them this way, because I couldn’t find a single picture online with caraway seed. It’s good though! Oh, and it’s better if you finish it in the frying pan to get that saute’ goodness on the outsides.

Here’s the recipe that goes with that image, although it’s not the recipe I just described.

Lastly, I finish my easy meal with Stove Top stuffing (not gluten free), and cranberry sauce. Not the fancy kind, just the kind out of the can. And that’s the way I like it. Uh huh. Uh huh. What are you making?

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