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My Halloween Party || Food and Costumes

So growing up, we didn’t celebrate Halloween in the traditional way. No, my parents didn’t tell me it was evil or anything, but even as a kid I never had much of an interest for dressing up (which continues to this day), and since we had our own little family tradition, I never cared about the regular stuff. That being said, I’ve never trick-or-treated or even gone to a Halloween party before. However, this year I have rectified that, and I went all out! I picked a costume I actually care about, I went Pinterest crazy and found all kinds of fun Halloween foods, and I decorated with spider webs and Jack-o-lanterns! I invited my closest friends together and we watched “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” It was awesome!

Anyway it was a blast! Thanks guys for celebrating my very first Halloween party with me, I had such a good time. Now on to eating the leftovers…

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