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My Katniss Costume

So, as a ridiculously obsessed fan, it makes sense that I dressed as Katniss for Halloween. I LOVED it! It was definitely my favorite costume ever.

Here it is! I bought the clothes from Target. The jacket was in the sports section. The elements are a green shirt, black hoodie and grey pants.

I made my arrows and sheath from a wrapping paper tube, and old belt, the rods from small American flags, and brown packing tape.

For makeup, I used bronzer and brown eyeshadow to look “messy.”

My pin is actually the necklace that came with the Blu-Ray set, attached to a magnet, and the bow was made with a branch and string.

Of course you need the braid and boots.

Voila. Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire!!

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