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Okay, I’m sorry for the secretive title of this blog entry, but here’s what it’ll be about: Books. It’s true,  I love reading.  When I was a kid, I didn’t get grounded like most kids, my parents actually used to take away my books. It was very effective. I remember once when my dad caught me reading in my room while pretending to clean it. I was so engrossed in Nancy Drew that I didn’t even realize he was there! I got in big trouble for that one…

Well anyway, I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas from my husband, and it’s been so much fun finding new things to read! Now, I am still a big advocate for holding a real book in my hands (the smell!) but especially when I travel, it’s nice to have a little compact set of books. I read really quickly, so taking three or four huge books is a lot of weight! Also, ya know when you have like two more chapters in a book to read and you’re taking it for your lunch break? Well then you have to bring a whole separate book for after that! Not anymore folks! Welcome to the 21st century! Lol… anyway. Sorry, I’m watching SNL with Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games!) while I write this so I’m in a silly mood.

So I wanted to let you in on two things today. One is the best spot for finding free books to read for your Kindle, and one is the latest book I’ve read and surprisingly really enjoyed. Okay, so for the site for the best free books I’ve found:

Daily Free Books. It’s specifically for Kindle users, and it sends all the free daily Amazon books to your email. I’ve downloaded several that look really good!

Now lastly, here’s a book that I thought was surprisingly good…

It’s by Stephanie Meyers (Twilight), whose not the best writer, but she has a terrific imagination. The Host is kind of sci-fi, but it’s very interesting because it’s actually from the viewpoint of the alien, who is very appreciative of the world that she is helping to take over. There’s love, family ties, lots of action and tensions, and it’s very smart. You should read it! I’m looking for more books, suggestions?

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