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My Mom’s 50th Birthday Surprise Plane Ride

Something great happened this weekend. My dad and my sister Elisabeth (the pilot) planned one heck of a birthday surprise for my mom on her 50th birthday. My mom is something of a closet adrenaline junkie. If she were able to, she’d probably ride a motorcycle everywhere and jump out of airplanes on Wednesdays. In lieu of that, we got Elisabeth to fly her in a private plane. She’s said before that it would be her dream come true to fly with Lis, so this was a big deal.

The airport in Huntsville, AL

Elisabeth rolling up in the airplane

My mom seeing her for the first time

This was quite literally her dream come true

And so she was a little overwhelmed

My dad's reaction was so sweet. He set the whole thing up

My favorite picture of the weekend

The airplane

Excited to get going!

Unceremoniously climbing into the plane

Elisabeth giving mom all the instructions

She was so excited to get in!


We were sending her off in 21st Century style

All of my sisters, most of the husbands, two cousins, a niece, and an aunt were there!

Bye bye!

Waving goodbye

And they're off

The whole clan

I love how making my mom happy makes my dad happy

My adorable niece Briley

Take off!

Up up up and away!

Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you!

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