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My Nautical Bedroom Makeover

A few weeks ago I blogged the story about how Jason decided to move our big old bed to another part of the room, and in doing so we discovered a ton of space (here’s a handy link)! We’ve since completely transformed our once completely-white minimalist bedroom (literally the bed was it, nothing on the walls, no bed stands, lights, nothing) into a beachy paradise! Here’s what we did, and where we got it all:

(Feel free to pin these images)

Ta da! Here is the whole room, stitched together with Jason’s iPhone 5. The bookshelf is the first thing to your left as you come into the room, and if you look around in a clockwise direction, the ladder would be the last thing you would see to your right.

After purchasing a generic white rug to add softeness ($80 from Kroger Marketplace), the first thing I did is take off the curtains from my windows (since the bed has curtains and is now leaning against the window, two sets of identical curtains was just a waste) and ask Jason to remove the door to our closet. I hung the curtains up and it instantely made the room look bigger and softer. I turned an old floor lamp into something different with Christmas lights, and my friend (and boss) Greta gave me these adorable sandal hooks.

Next we bought a set of four artwork pieces from Kirklands on sale for $12/frame, and I found this amazing chandelier on Amazon

here for only $100! Our friend from small group came over and helped us put it up with a swag kit from Home Depot, and we were in business!

That bookshelf that I completely repainted and finished in that last blog? Well now it’s complete with a full house of nautical decor from Hobby Lobby. We spent about $250 there, and came home with a TON of loot. Or pirates booty, eh?

I made the candle arrangement with sand, shells, and candles in a glass jar.

This candle piece I made with rope and sand, and a beautiful candle. I added the fish bowl to the top of this anchor piece and we added a real fish for authenticity. Meet Captain Jack! The twine ball I made with leftover rope from the candle project.

All these pieces are from Hobby Lobby as well. I didn’t have a beach picture of Jason and I, but I picked something with our feet showing as a close second 😉

Our bedspread and pillows came from TJ Maxx, and the matching Nantucket style night stands I bought online

here. I painted those to match the mantel as well, and aged and roughed them up a bit too. I absolutely love the way they turned out.

This is how I decorated the tops. My side got the mermaid (all decor from Hobby Lobby), and Jason got the message in a bottle, which he made a few years ago, with the same message from the movie Pippi Longstocking.

The quilt, sheets, throw pillows, towels and basket all came from TJ Maxx. I needed something at the end of the bed to look inviting and take up space, and these turned out perfectly.

The rustic ladder came from a local antique shop. We originally had another place planned for it, but it filled up the open space towards the ceiling on this wall, so the choice was obvious.

It was only $35! The sign we’ve had forever, not really sure where we got it. It’s not in the pictures, but I’ve hung a towel across the rungs on the ladder too.

The lanterns above the end tables are battery powered, so they give us a little bit of reading light without cords taking up space on the night stands. I found those on

Amazon as well.

So what do you think?! I’m so pleased with how it turned out, but I really love feedback. Sound off below!

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