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My Nautical Bedroom Makeover

A few weeks ago I blogged the story about how Jason decided to move our big old bed to another part of the room, and in doing so we discovered a ton of space (here’s a handy link)! We’ve since completely transformed our once completely-white minimalist bedroom (literally the bed was it, nothing on the walls, no bed stands, lights, nothing) into a beachy paradise! Here’s what we did, and where we got it all:

(Feel free to pin these images)

here for only $100! Our friend from small group came over and helped us put it up with a swag kit from Home Depot, and we were in business!

That bookshelf that I completely repainted and finished in that last blog? Well now it’s complete with a full house of nautical decor from Hobby Lobby. We spent about $250 there, and came home with a TON of loot. Or pirates booty, eh?

here. I painted those to match the mantel as well, and aged and roughed them up a bit too. I absolutely love the way they turned out.

Amazon as well.

So what do you think?! I’m so pleased with how it turned out, but I really love feedback. Sound off below!

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