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My New Gadget || Photojojo Macro Lens

Exciting new gadgets for you guys to explore!

Story first: So, you may know that Jason and I are about to celebrate our five year anniversary by going back to the place where we honeymooned (Cancun)! Yay! I’m so very excited! So last time we went, I tried to bring my pro camera. Bad idea. Every time I brought the camera out of our hotel room, it would fog up outside and make horrible images (not to mention that it’s very bad for your camera!). We didn’t have a lot of money at the time, so we used what we could, but in our entire honeymoon, we only have a handful of images, which is kind of sad for me. Well, enter the iPhone, and enter Photojojo. This time around it’s going to be different!

Photojojo is an online company that makes accessories for your camera on your phone. In this case, I got four lenses. The macro (for super up close images), the wide angle (you know when you’re taking a friends selfie and people get cut out? Not with this lens!), the fish eye (that 180 degree crazy image you’ve seen) and the polarizing lens (for richer blues and less water reflection). All of that for $50! Not only that, but it’s magnetized and simply snaps onto your phone! That plus Snapseed (free photo editor for your phone that’s AWESOME!), and my images are gonna be great! Not only that, but all I have to carry with me is my phone and preferred tiny lens, no bulky camera.

Here’s an image I took with my on my iPhone 4s  with the Photojojo macro lens and edited with Snapseed. Can you figure out what it is?


Check them out!

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 8.59.14 PM
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