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My New Kitchen || Before and After

I am so glad to finally announce that we have decorated our kitchen! We moved into our home last December, and it took a year, but every room is finally done! Hip hip hooray! We were saving our kitchen for last because it just wasn’t a priority, but Jason and I got some neat things for Christmas to go with our planned theme, so we went ahead and finished it off with the Christmas money we so generously received from Jason’s parents. Rachel and Matt gave us a beautiful Tuscani canvas, and my mom and dad bought us stove covers to match, so we went on the hunt.

At Kirklands we found a huge $40 clock and framed artwork.

At Target we found a curtain rod and a mountable paper towel holder.

At Bed Bath and Beyond we found some very inexpensive drapes on clearance and two matching portraits to go on either side of the big one we had, plus a bunch of wine corks.

At Hobby Lobby (whom we really support!) we found some beautiful chargers, a basket with fruit and bread for display, lantern sconces (probably my favorite item) and artificial plants.

At Kroger Marketplace we bought our table and chair set a few months ago.

Our kitchen right when we moved in.

The only thing left is to replace all the lighting (the house came with ICKY lighting) and to have our cabinets stained. Tell me what you think! Oh, and that empty wine bottle is the bottle from our honeymoon suite in Cancun.

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