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My Rock Garden || No Small Feat

Last week I had the week off from nannying and got a LOT done. One of those things was spending 11 hours fixing my front yard. Yes, 11 hours. It sucked. I really hate yard work. I’d honestly rather clean the whole inside of my house than do anything outside, but I was sick of the way my front yard looked. Every time I drove up I’d be embarrassed of how trashy it looked. Unfortunately I don’t have a before photo, but this is 4 hours into it:

So first I uprooted two very large bushes, one small bush, and two lily plants (which I gave to one of my awesome neighbors), and then weeded the heck out of it. My goal was no more plants. I dug up all the buried bricks, de-weeded and cleaned them, dug up a new trench and put them back in. Last, I cut down our butterfly tree with a saw like a BOSS!

Then I sprayed a no-plants chemical all over the place, laid down a no-plants mesh tarp thingy, and then covered the place with 20 bags of rock.

Voila, rock garden! No plants of any kind, and even though my garden isn’t gorgeous, at least it’s not trashy! I’m very proud if it, and now hopefully I’ll only have to do the mowing and that’s it. But if those weeds or plants show up again…

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