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My Twilight Bed || How I Had My Bed Custom Made

So I had my bed custom made for me. It’s the Twilight bed… You know, the one that Edward and Bella enjoy on their wedding night? If I told you that when I decided on this bed it was BEFORE the movie or pictures of the bed came out would you believe me? Because it’s true. You could say that they got the idea from me! Okay maybe not…

Anyway I found the image online when I was searching Google Images for beach canopy beds. I knew we wanted a minimalist look in our bedroom, and it was supposed to remind us of our honeymoon, clean, simple, and refreshing. When I found this picture I knew it was perfect, and Jason loved it too! I found out that this bed online is listed for $4400 (because it’s made of teak wood)! Obviously I wasn’t going to pay for that, so I listed a project on craigslist and after sifting through dozens of bids, I chose a guy named David Clover. He used pine and did the whole thing for $1000! There are a few differences, but for $3400 savings, I’ll take it! My friend Felicia Warrilow finished the project by making some amazing curtains to match our window, and I LOVE it! It’s a dream bed. Well, see what you think…

On the left is the photo I found online, the one on the right is me trying to get the perfect color match.

This is the bed in production. It had to be assembled in our room because it’s huge.

Here is the top and bottom of the finished project.

Here is the bed and box spring we put on the platform. All white and simple.

My friend Felicia made the curtains on our bed to match the windows. Sheer and flowy, with sleek ties.

Some various angles from the finished project.

Ta-da!!!! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Watch for a post coming at the end of August for how I’ll be using this bed as a major prop for a new kind of photography I’m branching out into!

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