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Our Baby Room || Gray and White Vintage Hot Air Balloons

This has been a long awaited blog, not just for me because I’ve been excited about it, but I’ve gotten so many requests from out-of-towners who wanted to see what I’ve been working on for the last 6 months (no, not nine months because remember we had our three adorable foster kiddos until middle of August). Well, it’s finally here, our baby room!

Here it is before when we had our girls… (note the yellow side table and teal wall bookshelves, you’ll see those again!)


And here it is now!

We themed it Vintage Hot Air Balloons, with gray and white being our primary colors, and just a hint of teal and yellow accents. I loooooove the way it turned out!


Oh, and I know someone will ask about the book, that was made by my sister Elisabeth too!

This furniture was completely redone by my friend Lisa and her daughter (who do it for a living), and they also vintaged the crib for me (since I chalk painted it and couldn’t finish it while pregnant with the wax). This furniture piece didn’t originally have legs, it was actually in the girls room too, but I love how the legs classed it up a bit!


So, I think I said “I love it” 40 times in this blog… What do YOU think?!

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