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Our Home, Before and After: Our Progress So Far

Jason and I bought our first house in November. We’d been married for two years and were so excited to make this big step in our lives! We were very fortunate, though, because my mom was a realtor, my sister works in mortgages at her bank in Alabama, and my friend and co-teacher recommended a fantastic realtor! We saved for six months, managed enough to put up 10%, and got to looking! We ended up in the best district, in an awesome neighborhood in Spring Hill, and we LOVE it! Here’s what we’ve done with the place so far:

This is our little house!

Our living room went from ketchup colors, to warm yellow and brown with chair rail and simple extras added. We want to add a fluffy rug too!

We’ve made the least changes to our kitchen, but have painted it from white to warm yellow and added a table.

Our bathrooms were bright lime green and too-bright yellow, and we made them both pale blue with white decor, for a beachy feel.

This is how Jason’s office started. It looked tiny because it was all one dark color.

And the final result: White with a light blue accent wall, decorated with Nintendo wall art and complete with 90s everything!

This room is by far the biggest transformation. It is our guest room and was painted this horrible theme before we got to it. It took two hours of sanding and three coats of paint to erase the damage.

Ta-da! Our movie-themed guest bedroom! Jason and I both have our favorite movie posters up, and lots of little decorations, like DIY popcorn nightlights, and lots of movie decor from Kirklands.

What I’ve learned? Little by little does it best! We like to add something new every time we have guests. This weekend it’ll be shades and curtains! Let me know what you think and if you have any advice in the comments below!

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