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Our Trip to Cancun || Friday

The trip is almost over, and I’ll be back to regular blogging, I promise! I’ve been taking kind of a “summer break” before I get really busy, and I’ll admit, I’ve been really slacking on the blogging…sorry!

So, Friday. This was the one and only day that we stayed on the resort all day, and we could feel it! We woke up dead weight at 10am, and forced ourselves up for breakfast (you really don’t want to miss breakfast at these places). I enjoyed a Mimosa with my meal, and since we were still so relaxed, we went back to the room afterwards for a nap…haha. We were so lazy! We went swimming after that, and it was such a different atmosphere, since we’d never really gone to the pools during the daytime this week. It was bustling, everyone was having a good time, with volleyball, dancing classes poolside, and loud exciting music. We swam (and enjoyed a Miami Vice) for about an hour and then left for our spa appointment.

Now, both of us have had exactly one massage in our life, and we’ve never been to a real spa. I felt like a fraud! I couldn’t even pretend to know what to do, and I was stupidly surprised when I realized that Jason and I had to enjoy the pre-massage activities separately in girls rooms and boys rooms. I was assigned a locker with a huge fuzzy robe and slippers, and told to enjoy the waterfall, hot tub, foot bath and sauna, all the while sipping on Jamaican Flower and Chlorophyll drinks. I must admit, I could get used to it, but at the time I was just wishing Jason was with me. I’m not one to go pamper myself all alone, and I felt really dumb surrounded by a bunch of women who did this kind of stuff every week. After using each of the facilities (I wasn’t going to waste the experience!), I took a shower and washed my hair, and successfully killed enough time. I was reunited with Jason for our couples massage, and it was wonderful. They used hot towels and oils, and the ladies only talked to us in whispers. It was quite nice 🙂

We walked along the beach afterwards (I found a giant chess set a took a picture to show my dad), got some brick oven pizzas and drinks (Fuzzy Naval), and eventually took yet another nap. We woke up, stopped by the pub, which Jason had mentioned wanting to try numerous times every day, and when I asked them to make me something “crazy”, I was given a “Water Flower” drink. It was good, but I have no idea what was in it. That night we went to a Caribbean restaurant, and were serenaded to beautiful live piano music. The guy was brilliant, and I knew every single piece he played! It was a little awkward though, because after enthusiastically clapping the first few songs, it felt a bit like an obligation to continue to do so, in between bites of shrimp ceviche and portobella, because we were seated within eyesight of him. Oh well!

We wanted to cap the night of with the Broadway Show that was supposed to happen, but it never started! We never figured out why. Instead we found a rocker girl playing on the beach and we danced in the sand. That’s exhausting, by the way. Back in our room we ordered some mini cheeseburgers and chocolate cake, and I was officially done with food. It had gotten to where I was in a perpetual state of being stuffed, and it wasn’t fun. I swore of fatty food for a month (but that hasn’t worked so far…), and with only one day left, I knew I’d survive my food coma.

Until next time, stay tuned!

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