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Our Trip to Cancun || Monday

So Monday was a whirlwind. I’m kind of glad we started with this trip, because we were at the peak of our energy, and afterwards, we were whipped! At 7:45am, we took a tour bus with our guide named Alex to Colonial Volladolid in Yucatan, and surrounding areas. Alex was full of life and very passionate about, well…everything. He spoke of something called Mayan Energy, and said that he used his energy to travel the world! He meets people through tours and random places and walks through life with them, staying at their homes across the world. He was a pretty neat guy, to say the least.

We were on our way to a Mayan outpost that takes care of one of the tourist cenotes (the big holes in the ground caused from sinkholes. Cenotes is a Mayan word, meaning sinkhole. It’s meaning in Spanish, according to Alex, is “big boobs”) while Alex taught us many many things about the Mayan culture. We learned about the history of Mayans as it relates to our history books (Christopher Columbus), about how despite the fact that our History channel says they are extinct, there are actually about 3 million full blooded Mayans still living today, about Obsidian, an energy rock that is used for healing, and about Noni, the fruit Mayans eat that scientist thinks is the reason they never get cancer, arthritis, and even diabetes (until Coca Cola started coming to the jungles recently, that is). It was fascinating, and our entire 80 minute trip was filled with information, straight from a guy who really lived it.




mon_4, and had an amazing Mayan lunch of lime soup, Pollo Pibil (chicken cooked in a hole, which was succulent), and Lomitos con Huevo (steak with eggs, although it was a lot more like pulled pork).

mon_6 We met and spoke to a Mayan boy who worked in the family business of making Xtabentun, and the “Mayan Paparazzi” put our picture on a bottle of it. Of course, we bought it. It tastes like really really really strong licorice and honey booze (two videos: tells a little bit of history, you get to see our reactions to the drink, and hear the guy speak Mayan, and is the Mayan guy telling us all about the drink .

mon_8 and got ice cream cones (yes, our second dessert of the night) while we waited for our evening show…

mon_9 and “Bad” After some late night drinks at the bar (strawberry daiquiri and amaretto sour), we ordered room service (burger and chicken nuggets) and went to sleep. Epic day. I get tired just writing about it…

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