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Our Trip to Cancun || Saturday

The day you leave from vacation is incredibly sad. Jason and I mopped around for a little while, not talking, just kind of bummed about it all. Neither of us are dumb enough to waste a 4:20pm check out time though, so we plucked up, packed our bags, and had our final breakfast buffet (who knew that zucchini and eggs go so well together?), complete with a Bloody Mary.

Afterwards, we walked along the beach, stopping for some sailing lessons! The instructor went over things very quickly, taking us out once, but eventually I got the hang of it. It was a small little vessel, so every time we changed direction, we actually had to crawl underneath the sail to the other side of the boat, and pull the ropes just so. I was pretty proud of myself! We went kayaking next, which is super fun in the ocean, and then took a little nap before lunch. It started to rain outside, so we walked around indoors and had cocktails, and even came across a toucan! We were allowed to hold it and everything! I’ll be honest, birds are cool, but I’m always afraid they’ll pluck my eyes out, so I didn’t hold it long…

Eventually it stopped raining, so we finished out our time with some swimming, cheeseburgers on the beach, and a little bit of dancing. 4:20 was our check out time, so before we left paradise, we got one more tiramisu and ice cream, and made our sad way out 🙁

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