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Our Trip to Cancun || Sunday

I didn’t tell you ahead of time, because I didn’t want to be burgled, but Jason and I went to Cancun, and then came back. Our house is fine 😉

So we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary by returning to the resort where we honeymooned, the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun. It was amazing! It was a bit busier this time, and they’ve obviously done a lot of construction on the place, but otherwise it was like stepping back into time. We registered as honeymooners again (because everyone congratulates you!), and “ooo’ed” and “awww’ed” over everything we remembered, and everything we noticed had changed. There were still 17 restaurants, and we loved the addition of the bakery in our lobby, where Jason ate ice cream at least once a day, and I had chocolate strawberry crepes almost every day.

Yes, we gained weight.

Moving on. So. How do you kill three hours in an airport? Jason and I arrived at the airport very very early (better safe than sorry and all that), and we got through security in about twenty minutes. So we killed time by eating breakfast at a sit-down restaurant, getting drinks at Starbucks, playing games while riding back and forth on the moving sidewalks, buying moon pies, altoids, and magazines, and taking selfies… Yes, we are children.

Scroll down if you want to hear more about Sunday, and see pictures of the resort!

So that was the happiest flight I’ve ever seen! Every person was on their way to Cancun, and people were smiling and laughing, being polite, and just generally having a good time. The lady next to us kept smiling at us as I read and Jason listened to music, until she finally expressed her congrats over our marriage. Apparently we are still cute enough to pass as newlyweds. Yay!

At the resort we checked in to our room (6322 in the Nizuc section) and ordered room service (Jason and I shared a bottle of wine from our fully stocked mini bar while we dined on burgers and quesadillas and finished with chocolate cake), and then went to the lobby to book our excursions for the week. The Moon Palace Resort gives you $1500 resort credit to use on the spa, excursions, shopping, etc. It’s awesome…

We were going to walk down to the beach that night, but it started raining and we were pretty tired, so we just ordered breakfast for the following morning, got into the jacuzzi and watched some TV before bed. It was early, but we had a busy day planned for Monday. You’ll see.

Stay tuned!

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