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Our Trip to Cancun || Tuesday

Tuesday was another big big big day (movie reference anyone?)! I’ll just jump right in…

We started our morning at the breakfast buffet (in our swimsuits) and took a boat over to the biggest water park in Cancun, Wet n’ Wild. It rained for a little bit at one point, but we just spent the time eating the included lunch buffet, so it was no biggie. We spent a large amount of time in the wave pool, catching the best waves on our tubes right at the edge. When we left around 2pm to catch the boat back, we saw a huge turtle in the water while we were suiting up for swimming with the dolphins. I thought I saw a merman too, but it was most likely something else.

Jason was the very first volunteer to swim with the dolphins, and he surprised himself by loving it! He had the cutest huge smile on his face the whole time, and I just loved him for it. Our dolphin’s name was Roman, and he danced with us, gave kisses, cradled him like a baby in our arms, “sexy posed”, and the best we saved for last…

The best part of course was riding the dolphin across the water. We had to swim out into the deeper part, hold our right arm straight out on the top of the water, and Roman swam under us. Once he passed, we had to quickly grab a hold, and then rode him across the ocean! It was very very cool. When we were all done, we were given the opportunity to purchase pictures. They wanted $120 for the disc, so we started walking out. Of course, someone chased us and gave us a “special deal” and we bought it for a hundred instead. 

We went back to hotel and after washing the sea (and dolphin) off of us, went downstairs to sign up for a massage on Friday, visit the gift shop, had dessert (strawberry and chocolate crepes and ice cream), and then went to dinner. Dessert first was a really fun tradition for us. This restaurant was our favorite last time we came, and it was again this year. It was a Mexican restaurant named Los Caporales, with the nicest, happiest servers I’ve ever met. Mateo talked to us about how he loved his job, his kids, and making people happy. We ate shrimp ceviche, fresh guacamole made at the table (Mexicans make it with habanero), taquitas and a pork tacos appetizer. After we asked him for a traditional Mexican drink, our other server Antonio made us a special drink with Kahlua, tequila and Carnation, called a “Sombrero.” It was really a fantastic meal, and day! We were pretty whipped after that, so into bed again and ready for another day!

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